Visual Identity // Student Work // Jul16

'Offending the Audience' is an experimental, anti-play written by David Handke in 1966. There is no actual plot and the play continues while the 20 actors direct the attention on the audience. This non-conventional, minimalistic production lies on irony and aims to lure the audience to be a part of the play. Based on this fact the main idea behind the creation of its visual identity is the ripple effect. One thing leads to the other while creating a bigger effect than the previous act. Therefore, the play’s title is the starting point of this chained reaction which spreads all over the given space and furthermore.


Black and white is used to showcase the minimalism and complicated yet direct intension of the play. The type is arranged in a way where it works as one composition, while also creating some divisions. The two F’s are confronting each other whereas the two N’s are connected to alienate the letter G from the rest of the letters. Also, they make up a sharp edged “staircase” that rises intensity. White space is used in parallel with the play’s bare stage. The shock that the audience will probably experience is visualized with the comic like, sharp bubble.

Brainstorming & Brain Dumping

Initial Sketches



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