YOU cannot not communicate

Student Work // Jun16

Everyday we gather information and correspond. Each behavior is a form of communication: actions, words, even being silent passes on something. We intend to interpret messages based on past experience and our personality. This series of posters represent 5 words using photographs and type. All posters use a photo of a hand holding a grapefruit as the key visual and a word that completes each intended message. The grapefruit and hand movement serve as the tools to help get the message across.


Provoke // the hand seems to be squeezing the grapefruit in a severe and controlling way, not letting it breathe. The layout helps to signify the action’s dominance where the hand overpowers the synthesis and the contradicting emotion is stated on the opposite bottom of the poster, with the use of the word love.

Discover // the hands seem eager to open the grapefruit and reveal it’s identity. The hands are positioned higher than the middle of the poster at the viewer’s eye level so that he gets the feeling of holding and exploring the grapefruit. The word smell is placed where the fruit’s aromas are most intense.

Amaze // this poster has the most movement of all. The hand is tossing the grapefruit in the air. The visual is diagonally arranged towards the lower left hand side of the poster providing the most space for the movement. The word blow accompanies the visual and its flow.

Scandalize // the grapefruit is peeled exposing its inner parts. The hand is gracefully unwrapping it in an intriguing manner. The grapefruit is not fully visible enhancing the embarrassing aspect of proposed message. The word entice is sneaking underneath the hand, semi-hiding its identity.

Enjoy // the juicy grapefruit is readily offered for consumption. The layout compliments the genuine and gratifying intention. The word taste is a part of the visual, complimenting and adding to the offering.


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