wish you were here

box edition

BA Major Project // Student Work // Apr–Jun14

When music urges, almost forces you to enshrine it in space, you have to follow the deeper meanings, infallible instincts, feelings and emotions that flow primarily through the heart.


These were the reasons for my proposal for the redistribution of Pink Floyd’s album 'Wish You Were Here'. It includes a CD and vinyl edition and a product display for the playback of my video for 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-XI)'. This proposal is the reflection and translation of music and emotions into architectural space.


The space is such that conveys the sense of the music and transforms the audio messages. Its purpose is mirrored into 4 areas / images, corresponding to the four songs of the album. The graphical representations of two-dimensional motifs, form volumes that mirror the energy of this music disc.


The 4 band members, the 4 songs of the album and the 4 words of the original title led to the multiple use of quadrilateral rectangles and to the title: 'Wish You Were Here | The Box Edition'.


Vinyl BOX

BOX Video Dispaly

The lack of the human element -except for the beginning and the end- is intentional.

Each spectator becomes the protagonist; the video viewer on the BOX Video Display

is the ticket for the active participation to experience the 4 spaces.


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